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Challenge 33

This challenge will be half special and half regular.

I will provide you with six pictures from Four Aliens and a Baby.

This is a two part challenge, first you have to make a blended or blended type (meaning more than one image placed you entry) icon. You can put as many of the pics together as you want. But only one icon can be blended. The second thing is you can make two more icons however you want and you may use the same pics you used in the blended icon although for the two reg icons you cannot put more than one pic in them each. and they cant be the same as each other. The one thing is all icons you submit have to be entirely different, meaning you cannot submit (blended or reg) icons that look exactly the same. You can make up to three icons, although you dont have to submit three everyone who participates has to do the first part. I want things to be different for this challenge.

Rules: You can make up to three icons. [everything stated above]. Also if you don't know how to blend, just use the multiple image technique.

Submission: Friday, March 17th March 24th 2006 at 12 midnight.

If you have trouble with the blending just ask and ill post some examples of both techniques. :p

some snagged from throw_elijah and some snagged from:

M&L [Four Aliens And A Baby]
Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic

Image hosting by TinyPic
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