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Max and Liz Stillness

Dreamer Love Lasts Forever

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Community Introduction:

Mods: monkeysmooch and babybonkerz87

Banner maker: shirven

This is an icon challenge community dedicated to Max and Liz from Roswell.

Each week a few new bases or caps will be put up, and you may make any stillness type icon out of the image(s).

You don't have to be a dreamer (Max and Liz fan) to join this community - anyone is welcome, if you like making icons then feel free to join. However, there will be no bashing of Max and Liz in comments. And no negative anything about anybody's icons!


1. Since this is a stillness community there are no animated icons allowed
2. All icons but be useable on LJ, which means your icon must be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format and be max 40kb - 100x100
3. All icons must be kept anonymous until the winners are announced, meaning you cannot submit your icons anywhere until the winners are posted
4. Only one icon per person, per week, unless stated otherwise
5. All icon entries will be submitted as comments in that weeks challenge post
6. You must be a member to submit your entries
7. To actually join and be a member and not just watch click here
8. Please DO NOT vote for yourself or tell your friends to vote for you, that's cheating
9. Submit your icons in the form of the picture image and its url (as shown below)


Note: If you want anyone's icon after winners are announced, just ask them and it is totally up to them whether or not anyone can use the icon, and even if they do not say it, give them credit - they had to work on the icon, and they deserve credit for it. And if any of the icons do not follow the rules listed above they will not be submitted!

Deadlines: (this is all approx. because of school and/or work, but if it is not exact it will definitely be close to the deadline)

Monday Night: New challenge announced - Challenge Begins
Friday Night: Submittion deadline at 12 midnight PST - 10 PM CST - 11 PM MST - 3 AM EST
Friday Night/Saturday Morning: Voting goes up as soon as the challenge closes
Friday Night - Sunday Night: Voting takes place (Vote for however many icons it says to vote for)
Monday Morning: Winners are announced

Banners will be put up as soon as possible after the winners are announced.


1. In order to vote you must be a member
2. No voting as an anonymous user
3. Please read each challenge's info on how many to vote for
4. Your votes don't have to be in any specific order


The following are the categories available:
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Mod's Choice

(if you would like to be added just comment/email)

charmedicontest - Charmed

ff_stillness - Firefly

dlm_stillness - Dead Like Me

losticontest - Lost

pj_stillness - Pacey and Joey of Dawson's Creek

friends_stills - Friends

ros_textless - Roswell textless

jason_stillness - actor Jason Behr of Roswell

CREDIT to any caps used for the screen caps or bases:

Striped Wall

Karenor's Site

Roswellians.com - this site has unfortunately closed down, but some of the caps we've used in the past came from here.

Roswell Screen Grab Galleries


Honerbright's caps